Our Manufacturing Process

We have been manufacturing cardboard packaging for 135 years which covers 5 Generations of the MacCarthy Family. We use traditional techniques to make our boxes and most of the prepration and finishing is carried out by hand using hand operated machinery which was built in "The good ol' days"! Our oldest piece of machinery has a patent year of 1894 and was made in 1908, it still works!

Here we will give you a brief insight into how we make our boxes, from starting with board delivered to us in sheets following through to the finished product being packed and delivered. We quite often have to adapt our methods to suit requirements of each particular job.

  • Cardboard is bought in as large sheets and needs to cut to size using guilotine. This can cut up to 1150mm across and through 50 sheets of 1.5mm board.
  • If the job is die cut a cutting tool is made, this is a block of wood with cutting and scoring blades embedded into it.
  • The cutter is set up on a platen, a platen has two faces, one has the cutting tool on and the other will have the card placed onto it. The two faces clamp together and cut out the size and shape of the box.

  • If the job is scored we set up knives on a machine to the correct length of the box and run the board through in one direction. The machine is reset for the width of the box and run through in the other direction.
  • We then use a corner cutting machine to cut the corners out, this means the box can be folded up.
  • The flat box shapes are now formed up by applying a light tape to all four corners, this makes it easier to wrap the paper around the outside.

  • The paper is then cut to size using guilotine, the paper is normally around 40mm bigger than the cardboard
  • The paper is now cut to shape so it can be wrapped around the box, we do this using a paper mitring machine whicch has specially shaped knives to cut the corrrect shape
  • Glue is then applied to one face of the paper and wrapped over boxes
  • The boxes are then checked and packed into cartons or tied in bundles and parceled