Platforms and foam fittings

If you have products which are fragile, a peculiar shape or just want them arranged nicely in the box then you may wish for them to be held in place in the box. This can be achieved by using either a platform or a foam insert. These are functional items which sit inside the box to hold the products which will eventually go in the box. A platform is made from a piece of card which is die cut to shape with sections cut out to hold the contents. An alternative to a cardboard platform would be a die cut or routed foam fitting, this has benefits over a card platform because it can accomodate more complicated shapes and most importantly it can grip the items and hold them in place, in general this is more difficult to do with a card platform. If you so desired we can use a fabric like satin acetate to add a rouched satin lined finish too the card platorm or foam fitting.

Buffer platforms have the corners filled in as the card folds over from the outside and tucks in This platform is a single piece concertina style to hold 9 small bottles A simple die cut platform with an oval cutout for an item to rest in

Die Cut Platforms

A platform is die cut from a flat piece of card and has cut outs to locate the contents. It can be difficult for card to grip the items tightly so normally they are slightly loose fitting to the contents and the lid of the box holds the items in place when closed. Platforms are normally best suited to simple shapes and items of similar sizes but all shapes and sizes can be accommodated. Materials for the platform can include white lined greyboard, dyed board, card lined with paper or printed folding box board.

This box uses a card platform which matches the paper on the outside of the box The platforms are folded up from flat and inserted into the boxes - simple platforms like this one above have little gaps in the corners 3 piece platform - insert layers reduce the depth of the cutout to suit the item to be inserted

Foam Fittings

A custom foam fitting can add that extra wow factor to your products. They can be die cut, routed or even cut with a high pressure water jet! As foam is flexible it can be made to fit items tightly and it is easier to accommodate different sizes and higher numbers of items in one box. The main drawback with foam is costs over small quantities.

Die cut foam fitting with multiple compartments trimmed to various depths Foam fittings can grip the products tightly to hold them in place This piece of foam has a flocked coating to give it a high end finish