Presentation Boxes

Paper over board presentation packaging

The type of cardboard packaging which we specialise in is technically described as Paper over Board, although it will often be referred to as Presentation Packaging or Gift Boxes. Paper over board means we use a thick card to form the shape of the box and we then wrap a paper around the outside, turning over onto the inside to fully cover it.

We make boxes to your exact size, colour and print requirements so you can choose whatever specification you require. Our presentation boxes protect your product too but their main purpose is to finish off your products high end look, really setting it apart from your competitors.

We can also cover the inside of the box with paper, we refer to this as being lined inside. We are able to use a wide variety of covering materials ranging from printed sheets, uncoated stock papers to high end leatherette papers and bookcloth.

Our boxes are handmade in our factory in London by our highly experienced staff although we have a semi-automated box wrapping machine for higher quantities. Our minimum order quantity is 50 and we can make over 5000 of certain styles and sizes.

Manufactured in London

  • Bespoke boxes made to your specification
  • Specify your own size, colour and print
  • Solid board card, hand covered with high quality paper
  • Environmetally friendly packaging with high recycled content and normally fully recyclable
  • We specialise in quantities between 50 and 5000
  • Typical lead time of 4 to 5 weeks from order

Tray & Lid Boxes

Tray & lid boxes are the simplest style boxes we make, they consist of two parts, a tray and a lid which fits over the top to close the box. We can custom make these to your required dimensions and cover the boxes in your choice of paper or print so you can recieve a box which is unique to your brand.

Top Tip

We manufacture to your specifications but we do have tooling for some standard sizes to help keep your costs down. See our standard sizes page for details.

Hinged Lid Boxes

Hinged lid boxes are made in much the same way as a tray & lid box, the tray and lid are separate items and they are attached together during the covering process providing an invisible hinge on the outside of the box. The inside hinge is normally made from a white or black calico cloth which is almost impossible to tear so it gives the hinge strength and durability. We suggest that the inside of the box colour be black or white, to match the calico.

Top Tip

We can only make hinged boxes by hand covering so we normally stick to smaller quantites on this style, 500 or fewer copies

Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are made in 3 parts, a tray, shoulder and a lid. The shoulder sits inside the tray, creating a rim that allows the lid to close flush with the box. The lid can be removable and either sit fully closed or with an oversized shoulder we can create a shoulder gap. This is normally done in a bright colour to give some contrast. The lid can also be hinged on with a black or white calico that is mostly hidden by the shoulder so it is less visible than on a normal hinged lid box.

Top Tip

We can only make hinged lid shoulder boxes by hand covering so we normally stick to smaller quantites on this style, 500 or fewer copies

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