Bespoke Slipcases

A slipcase is a single piece box open on one end designed, primarily, to hold books but can hold many different items, in the past we have made them to hold comics, CD's, bottles and also as the outer shell to make a drawer box. Typically a slipcase is die cut from 1 piece of card and hand covered with two pieces of paper, if the slipcase is to be covered with a printed design we can die cut a one piece cover. The minimum internal spine width we can manufacture is 13mm, this is normally suitable for a 11mm thick book. The way we assemble slipcases means that we have double thickness of board on the top and bottom, so if we use a 1.5mm coardboard, the top and bottom will be 3mm thick, this gives the slipcase extra strength.

To find out more about slipcases, including minimum and maximum sizes please read more on our blog.

Slipcase with Chevron front has die cut board and paper This machine can put cuts and scores in board to your required size Book tips out to the left so you can see the front of both the book and slipcase

Slipcases for books

Slipcases allow for the spine of the book to be visible so it should face outwards and to the left of the front of the slipcase, this means the front of the slipcase and front of the book are both facing towards you as the book is removed. We custom make them fit the contents snugly but also to allow the book to slide out easily when required by simply tipping it out into your hand. We can also add thumb cuts, or even chevron front or curved front slipcases, the latter two look very effective but they require extra tooling and are more expensive to make.

If you would like a quote for some bespoke slipcases then please either call us on 020 8316 4321 or request a quote.

Slipcase with printed cover required the paper to be die cut Slipcase with debossed title (abnormally the books slide out to the right on this slipcase) Both the book and the slipcase are covered in matching purple paper

Drawer Boxes

A drawer box consists of a slipcase with a inner tray which slides in and out. Sometimes we add a ribbon pull tab to the bottom of the tray to help with removing it from the slipcase. Currently we have only ever made single drawer boxes, multiple drawers can be made but there are lots of components involved.

Small drawer box with ribbon pull tab Drawer box with lined die cut buffer platform Deep drawer box with pull tab

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone or request a quote.