Bespoke slipcases

A slipcase is a single piece box open on one end designed, primarily, to hold books but can hold many different items, in the past we have made them to hold comics, CD’s, bottles and also as the outer shell to make a drawer box. Typically a slipcase is die cut from 1 piece of card and hand covered with two pieces of paper, if the slipcase is to be covered with a printed design we can die cut a one piece cover to the design wraps around with less joins. The minimum internal spine width we can manufacture is 13mm, this is normally suitable for a 11mm spine book. The way we assemble slipcases means that we have double thickness of board on the top and bottom, so if we use a 1.5mm coardboard, the top and bottom will be 3mm thick but the sides will be 1.5mm.

  • Bespoke slipcases made to your specification
  • Solid board card, hand covered with high quality paper
  • They arrive to you rigid and fully assembled
  • Specify your own size, colour and print
  • Our slipcases have double thickness top and bottom, whick makes them very strong
  • Manufactured in our factory in London
  • We specialise in quantities between 50 and 5000
  • Typical lead time of 4 weeks from order

To find out more about slipcases, including minimum and maximum sizes please read more on our blog.

Slipcases for Books

We custom make slipcases to fit snugly to the book also to allow it to slide out easily when required by simply tipping it out into your hand. Although the book will slide out without it, we can make the slipcase with a chevron front where the front of the slipcase cuts back to a point to allow you to grip the book to remove it. The chevron looks good too but they require extra tooling and are more expensive to make. Slipcases can be left or right handed. This will determine which side of the slipcase the book slides out of, please see the photos at the bottom of the page for a visual explanation.

Top Tip

We don’t recommend having thumb cuts on slipcases.  It leaves a rough raw edge of cardboard and doesn’t really help remove the book as the book should slide out easily.

Our slipcases have double thickness of card top and bottom which makes them very strong. 

Drawer Boxes and Match Boxes

A drawer box consists of a slipcase and an inner tray which slides in and out. Sometimes we add a ribbon pull tab to the bottom of tray’s front edge to help with removing it from the slipcase. We have only ever made single drawer boxes, multiple drawers can be made but there are lots of compnents invovled so they are quite expensive to manufacture.

Similar to drawer boxes are match boxes.  These are open both ends of the outer like a match box. We can make a paper over board tray and then two options for the sleeve. Firstly a simple thin card sleeve similar to a normal matchbox sleeve which can fold flat.  The more premium version we make the outer sleeve from a paper over board construction so it is rigid, this is a lot more expensive to manufacture as it is a lot more time consuming

Top Tip

The drawer can be pulled from the long or short side of the slipcase outer which can give a different unboxing experience

Extra information

Slipcases can be covered in 1 or 2 pieces of paper. This will affect the number of joins and overlaps of the cover as it wraps around the outside of the rigid card structure of the slipcase. 

A single piece cover has a seamless wrap from the front, around the spine to the back of the slipcase. The joins are either on the top of the slipcase or on the top and bottom edges of the back cover. This is best for printed slipcases where the design needs to look as seamless as possible. It is better for larger quantities as more tooling is required and over a longer run it is quicker.

For a 2 piece cover wrapped slipcase the main cover wraps from the front, around the top, bottom and spine of the slipcase and overlaps by around 20mm onto the back panel. A separate piece of paper then covers the back of the slipcase. This is best on smaller quantities and plain colour slipcases.

Slipcases can be left or right handed, this determines which side of the slipcase the book is removed from. We normally make right handed slipcases. This means when holding the slipcase in your right hand, the book will be removed to the left and you are looking at the front of both at the same time. A left handed slipcase has the front and spine of the slipcase is on the same side as the spine of the book so when it is on a shelf the slipcase mimics a book but when you remove the book from the slipcase you’ll be looking at the back of the book.

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